Manipulated Still Life Imagery In Advertising



Manipulated images are used a lot in advertising to help convey or portray messages. They are also used to create illusions which will engage the audiences and will make them like what is being advertised or change their opinion on what is being advertised and what the message is about the product or service.

Here are some analysed examples of manipulated and surreal images used in advertising.


This first image is advertising the gummy bears from a packet of Haribo’s. The photo has been manipulated through editing and photo shop to make it seem as if the gummy bear has removed it’s self from the orange and walked out and away from the orange. It makes it seem so realistic because they have thought about everything to make it seem realistic. They have thought about the cut away of the orange and the shape it creates out of the orange, being the same shape as a traditional haribo gummy bear. Also co-coordinating the shape and the colour of the footsteps that come away



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