Tone Homework Shoot

We have recently been learning about tone and different tones of colours and how they create atmosphere and mood throughout a picture. We have already done a studio shoot for this and when it came to doing the home work it made it a lot easier to understand what we was doing and it also gave ideas on what to put in our shoot and also it would bulk up our plan with more ideas if we ever wanted to change our minds.

For my idea I planned to create a landscape image with a variety of different tones of colours all in on picture. I decided that I could create this by using landscapes such as tree’s, grass and also the horizon of the sky at night and early in the morning also if I edited the pictures I knew that I could enhance the colour as much as i wanted and change them so the different tones were more clearer.

I found it really easy to shoot the pictures as I knew that I could easily change the colour during editing and this made me feel at ease and not under too much pressure to get the colour fully right.

Below is the gallery of images that I created during the shoot.

tone no3 copytone no2 copytone no1 copycolour no3 copyIMG_0736IMG_0735best image lanscape 1best image landscapebest image landscape 2IMG_0585IMG_0577IMG_0599IMG_0604IMG_0615IMG_0616IMG_0617IMG_0618
I felt that I got really good results from the shoot and it really helped me to develop my skills in using tone in photography as it was something that I never really had worked on before.

I still feel as if though I could have achieved better results if I experimented more with different colours and different landscapes but I didn’t think that some colours would work with the camera as they aren’t as vibrant as some.

I really like the skyline pictures as they really show different tones of colours and it creates a warm atmosphere as they are very warm and moody colours.

Although I thought that all my pictures were really good I was happier with some more than others.

At the top of the page I have inserted a gallery of the images that I was very pleased with from my shoot.


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