Food and Texture Homework Shoot

We have recently been learning about texture in photography and the one key thing that we have been focusing on to represent texture is food photography.

This is one of my facilitate types of photography as you can create a number of different illusions and creations all by just using some basic things that everyone has in their home. This can anything from biscuits to fruit and also baking is quite a big part of food photography in this day and age and the amazing things you can use for this type of photography is things like flour, sugar and also you can photograph the final thing you have created.

Even though the task was based on texture I still wanted to do the thing that food photography is mainly associated or well known for which is making it look appealing or appetising. But I still felt like I could capture texture by doing this.

The food that I used had a variety of textures and I used things such as cakes, biscuits, sweets and also fruit. I used a vaeritey of different angles, zooms and a range of focuses. The gallery above is of my final images that I created during the shoot.

I really enjoyed shooting these pictures as it is something that I really enjoy doing and I like seeing the different results and being able to identify the different textures in the images.

I decided not to edit the images because I feel as if though it would mess the texture up slightly and that it wouldn’t have been as clear as what they were now which is unedited.

As I enjoyed the shoot so much and got some really good results I felt that I should pick some of my favourite and the best images from the shoot.

The gallery of images below is the images that I really like from my texture and food shoot.

The reason I like these images is because I feel that they really capture what I wanted which was texture and the different textures are really clear and that’s what I wanted to have in my images also.

I feel that even though the were supposed to capture texture the camera still plays along with the texture of the food and makes the food look really appetising and it will intruge the viewer and make them hungry for what has been put in front of them or tempt them for more.

If I had to do this shoot again then I would like to have been able to work with different foods and maybe photography something from somewhere like a restaurant, bakery or a professional kitchen.


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