Colour Homework Shoot

We have recently been learning about colour and how different colours represent different things and how this incorporates into photography. We researched about the colour wheel and created our own colour wheel and attached different meanings to what each colour means and connotes. We then took our findings and was asked to conduct a shoot including this and also incorporating colour in general.

In photography on thing that I like doing is creating a pop of colour in an image and making things stand out. I like to take bold backgrounds and add vibrant colours to make things stand out against the bare background.

During my shoot I decided to take a number of different colours, put them together and then photographed them against a dark background. I then edited the pictures and made the whole thing black and white. Then colour reversed the objects that had the bold bright colours so that they stand out against the black and white.

I also took some pictures just focusing on one thing in colour and focus the camera just on the colour rather than the background. I did this using aperture and depth of field.

The gallery below shows the images from the shoot.

There were a few images that I really liked and I picked a few out that I thought were succsesful.

The gallery of images below show the ones I were really happy with. The reason I like these images is because they were succsesful in the target that I set myself which was to show a lot of colour and make the colour pop. I feel that I still need to experiment with different ways of doing this other than editing, but I feel that if I still use editing I will build my confidence in using it and I will be able to use it more confidently


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