Tone Homework Shoot Plan

We have recently been learning about tone and the way it works in photos to create atmosphere. We have already conducted a shoot to do with tone and atmosphere but now we have the chance to create our own tone images for our homework.

For my shoot I have decided to show the different tones of colours and create a rainbow of colours as different tones. I feel that it will show how different colours are and also the different tones of colours will make a rainbow of colours and the different tones will all work together to create an atmosphere and warm and cold colours. The lighter shades of colours will create a cold atmosphere as they are not very bright and vibrant, but the bright colours will create a warm atmosphere because they are bright and will create a very warm and bright atmosphere. The way they stagger will create a mixed atmosphere because of the variety of tones and colours.

Here are some examples of what I would like to create for my homework shoot



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