Food photography homework

The key thing when looking at food photography is to make what your photographing seem appetidimg or let it show a message or a saying that you want it to convey. When photographers take pictures for things like recipe books and also magazines there job it to take what they have been given and use their surrondings to make the food seem appetising so that people will want to make it or eat it and this will therefore boost popularity for either the magazine, the chef and the recipe book. However in some cases usually in the news some photographers are required to make the food look bad and very unappetising because they want to deter people from bad food and see what’s really wrong with the unhealthy food. Especially now in the news a lot of photography like this has been happening because the government is trying to tackle obesity.

For my homework shoot I would like to focus on making food look special and also making it look appetising. I really enjoy baking and I like the food photography that focuses on baking so this is what I really want to focus on in my homework shoot. I will focus on all the different elements we have learnt about so far in order to make the food that I photograph look appetising.

Here are some examples of the type of pictures that I want to create.



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