Food Photographer Research

Food photography has evolved so much over the years and the technology that we have now enables us to create a variety of different photos using food and their shapes and textures to convey meanings and emotions. As part of our food photography unit we have been asked to research a food photographer and find out how they use food photography and different textures to convey different emotions and sensations.

The photographer that I have chosen to research is David Munns

His work is mainly based with famous chefs and he is also very well known for his work with well known food magazines. Mainly food magazines for supermarkets but he also has done a few shoots for bbc good food magazine. His work with famous chefs has been featured in their projects wether it’s a magazine spread or a cookery book. His style of work is very fitting for famous photographers cookbooks and it also fits in nicely when they are working with magazines.

Here are some examples of his work which stood out to me during research

I really like his photography because he uses really bold colours which really stand out and the way he positions his food and places different things on the set makes the food look really appetising and it then shows the variety of different textures and colours throughout the food. The different textures really stand out and you can really get to understand what the food is really like and also you can imagine what the food tastes like because it looks so appetising. For example in the picture with the meringue and the cake has a variety of different textures and the way the photograph is taken and positioned means that you can really tell what the different textures are and I feel that this picture is really the one out of most of his images that I have looked at were you can really see the different layers of the food which therefore means you can see the different textures. The textures in this image makes you feel really hungry and makes you want to eat the cake and the meringue because the textures make the food look really appetising.

The image with the cheese and biscuits is the same because you really see the different textures in the image and that makes it look really appetising.


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