Tone Studio Shoot

We have recently been learning about tone and colour and how different tones of colour and light can create different moods, emotions and atmospheres. We researched some different photographers that work with colour and tone. Tone can create different moods and emotions because the different levels of brightness and darkness can change the mood of the atmosphere and that’s even before the subject comes into the shoot. I looked at the work of Irving Penn and he is quite an old photographer which means that he didn’t have much available to him that what we have now. He also only had black and white imagery available to him but even though this was the case he was still able to create really deep and meaningful tonal images that have definition and create atmosphere. We were then asked to recreate their work in our own studio shoot. I decided to recreate his work but see how different it would be using colour rather than black and white. Also like Irving I just decided to use people and their facial expressions and emotions as this doesn’t over complicate the images and it also helps to create the at,ohere and convey emotions. To incorporate colour I decide to use gels on the lights which changes the colour of the background and the scenery which therefore helps to create the atmosphere. I really enjoyed the shoot as it gave me a chance to try a new skill in photography and also show mood and atmosphere through a different element. The gallery above is of the final images from the shoot. I think that the final results are better than what I expected because I hadn’t worked much with studio lighting before so I was unsure about how to adapt the settings on my camera to the light in order to get a clear result in the final image.  Overall I was very happy with the final results.

From the shoot I felt there was some very good images overall and I feel they were really good because they done what I wanted and they really created a perfect atmosphere and mood like Irvings work did. The gallery below shows the images that I really liked and the final images that I felt really created the atmosphere and mood and that the images were something that we’re very clear and you can easily tell the mood and atmosphere just by looking st the images without analysis.

I really like the first image because it’s really warm and the bold red and orange tones create a warm atmosphere. The person in the image also expresses a moody emotion and it matches the colour of the background and the atmosphere. This is the same with the last image as well.

The second image has a colder atmosphere and the dark blue background shows this the person in the image again matches the mood and her emotions and body language shows that you are being cold to someone and your just ignoring them and giving them the cold shoulder.

The third image is much like Irving pens image and this is like his image because of the lighting and because there is no colour it is important just to focus on the facial expression and the body language to tell what the atmosphere is.


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