Micro Project Shoot and Evaluation

For our final project in our first term we had to conduct a shoot using two technical elements from photography that we have already learnt. The two elements i chose were studio lighting and also shutter speed. I chose these because they both work well with colour and movement in the studio and this is something that i really enjoy and wanted to focus on. I had the idea to use studio lighting with coloured gels to create a coloured background and then use glow sticks and move them around with a low shutter speed to create shapes. However during the shot I found that the glow sticks would not show up very well with the studio lights on, so I ended up with a mixture of photos some with and some without glow sticks and studio lighting. I really enjoyed taking these photos because they were really fun to experiment with and to take. They were fun to take because they were fun to mess around with and to create different shapes to see what shapes and different lines would come out at the end. I took inspiration from different photographers and also some work similar to this that I had found on the internet. They came out really well compared to these and I am very proud of the work that i have created.

The two contact sheets below contain the work that I have created during today’s shoot for the final micro project.

The gallery of images below are the images that I feel were the best out of the whole shoot and they are also the final four that I have edited.

The reason that I chose these images is because they were the best out of the whole shoot and they were the four images that really best represented my ideas and my plan for the project. Even before they were edited they still looked really professional and also very colourful. I really enjoyed taking these images because they were fun to see what they were going to come out like. Taking all of the images was always a big risk because you always have to be careful about how fast you move the glow stick or how long you have the shutter open for. Something I also struggled with at the beginning was the aperture because of the different brightness of the lights and the way the lights were set up against the backdrop, it seemed too much light was getting in to the picture and I mainly had plain white images coming through and I thought that I would have had to change my ideas completely. But after I played around with the aperture and also changing my shutter speed to bulb, I was able to get some really good results in terms of what In wanted when I planned my shoot at first. I really did not know what different shapes to do at first and I initially wanted to create different moods using different shapes and coloured lights. But because of the aperture problem and the light in the studio making the glow stick fade out it was very difficult to use studio lighting as a technical element. However I still managed to get some shutter speed images using the studio lights but there is only a few as they were quite difficult to shoot, but I still wanted to keep studio lighting as one of my technical elements because it is something that I really enjoy using when shooting. Using my camera on bulb was a very good idea as it enabled me to create an image with a variety of different shutter speeds and I was able to expose the shutter for longer than the normal camera setting.

The reason I like my first best images is because it is something that I really wanted to do in my first idea when I planned the shoot. Which was that I wanted to represent different moods and emotions through different shapes and colours and I did this in this image as I represented love and romance through the making of a heart using glow sticks and a slow shutter speed. The shutter speed that I used for this image was 35 seconds and I used this with an aperture of f3.5 which was around the lowest that my camera would let me go, these two settings on my camera were ideal and they made the photo come out really well and it made me really happy with the result because it made me think that my idea had gone to plan and that I was able to change the settings on the camera appropriately in order to create an image that can sometimes be complicated to create. The only thing that I struggled with during the whole project was naming the images because most photographers have really abstract and unique names for their images and then some photographers have simple names that usually come from their first idea for the image that they have taken. So i chose to name my image ‘Love Through Light’ because that is really what it is and I didn’t want to over complicate the image by giving it a complicated name as that’s not what the whole micro shoot was about. So this is why I chose to keep the name simple but with it I still managed to keep the name within my original ideas.

The reason I liked my second best image is because it showed my ability to create a very complicated and complex image with light drawings. I thought that they were really hard to make but I experimented many times with different shutter speeds and different apertures to be able to create the final image. The key thing was to use the glow stick slowly and slowly do the light drawing in order to make the pattern show up in the picture at the end. The actual shutter speed and aperture that I used in the picture was the same as the first image which was 35 seconds and f3.5 which gave me enough time and enough exposure of the shutter to be able to capture the different lines of the whole picture which was of a snowman. This was a really great picture top make as it is quite complex because on a snowman, to be able to draw it you have to be able to take your light away from the shape to complete another section. Even though the model had to do this the camera never picked it up because all the lines were drawn quite close together and the transitions between different sections were very quick which meant each section just flowed into another. I also really like the colour of the image because the subtle studio light  with the colour gels make a very subtle purple in the background which slightly sets the scene because it makes it seem light someone has built a snowman at night and it makes it nicer because there’s an actual story behind the image rather than just the drawing being there. However when I edited the picture the purple faded out slightly because I enhanced the colour of the drawing to make it bolder so it would stand out more in the dark against the white background that I used. I named my image winter glow because snowmen are typically associated with winter and the brightness of the glow sticks made the snowman glow and stand out.

The reason that I like my third best image is because I like the different colours that shine throughout the drawing because of the different colours of glow sticks that are used throughout the image because they all blend together to make a really nice light drawing in the image. Because of the amount of different lines in the image it was hard to make sure that they would all join up together to actually make a proper image. Eventually after a few test shots we managed to create the shape that we wanted which was really good. I decided to use a number a different coloured glow sticks as it combined all the different colours that you usually find on a Christmas tree in one and to make them a lot brighter and colourful I enhanced the colour of the glow sticks on photo shop as when I tried to use the flash with the glow sticks the whole image either came up completely white or the glow sticks just got darker and darker every time that I tried to use the flash because it was to bright compared to how bright the glow sticks. The only reason that they didn’t show up as bright and bold as I wanted at first is because they are quite small and skinny glow sticks and you had to get the shutter speed and aperture right along with the movement of them in order for the camera to pick them up in the right way and also make sure that they are also bright enough as they can be before I enhanced the colour when I edited them. The shutter speed and aperture that I used was 50 seconds and f3.5 and this was the right amount of time for me to be able capture all of the drawing and the light. The reason that I called my image ‘Christmas Miracle’ was because it was a miracle that my original idea actually worked for this image because I thought at first that it would go horribly wrong and the drawing was of  a Christmas tree so I thought that they went very well together as a name for that image.

The reason that I like my final image is because I really like the way that it looks and the way that the light and the lines have been shown through the image to show a shape of a body. The body contains two different colours of glow sticks which I like because it represents a mixture in personality and emotion that someone has. Which was great in this image because that’s exactly what I wanted to happen because my original idea was to represent mood and emotion through colour and light. I thought that the lines wouldn’t be as precise as they are because the lights are quite awkward to move around the body especially to get all the nooks and cranny’s in and around your arms and head but it was eventually done and I am really proud and happy with then final result. I also like that the lines eventually meet because it shows that there is a true mixture in personality in a person and eventually those emotions and characteristics will meet and mix in your brain to create your unique personality and character. To be able to actually create this image I kept my aperture the same as ever other image which was f3.5 and I put my shutter speed on bulb which enabled me to control the shutter speed and have it on for as long or as short as I wanted  the final shutter speed that I used for this image was 35 seconds and I experimented with a lot of different shutter speeds before hand in order to create the final image but I was very happy with the result at 35 seconds. The reason that I called my picture ‘High Self Esteem’ is because the light represents the body and the lines define the body so together they represent figure and body confidence and this all relate to self esteem and about people especially teenagers being confident about their body and to have high self esteem.

If I had to do this shoot again, then I would make sure that I don’t use glow sticks as they didn’t show up well against the studio lighting as they wasn’t bright enough to match it. If I used small coloured lamps or light bulbs as they are a lot brighter and a lot bigger which means that they would show up a lot better and brighter with the studio lighting. Also, if I had to do this shoot again I would experience with shutter speed, but something different than light drawing maybe fast movement or experience with fast shutter speed to capture stills of movement.


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