Micro Project


Now that we have almost completed the first term of work in photography we have been asked to conduct a project that merges everything that we have learnt during say something. We have been asked to produce 4 final images that combines everything from say something. Our idea has to include two techniques that we have learnt so far and we have to also research some photographers and artist’s that use these technique and take their work as insertion for our final four images.

The two techniques that I have chosen to study are both shutter speed and also studio lighting as these two things can be merged together wight things such as light and colour to create effective and amazing final images. You can crate hints such as light drawings and also use colour gels with the studio lighting to create a different coloured light and background which also contributes to the image as it changes the atmosphere or the mood especially if you change the brightness of the light and also the tone of the colour gel that you are using.

I chose shutter speed because you can use a variety of different speeds to create different images. You can use slow shutter speed to create light drawings and when we first started working with shutter speed this was something that I was really excited to try out as the images look really professional and they also create some really good effects which can represent speed and also the brightness of light. Some people also use this in shape photography because you can create different shapes using the light drawing and you can also use this when studying line.

I then chose study lighting because i enjoy photography in the studio as i think the results look a lot more professional and you can create great effects and different types of images using a studio and the lighting also helps a lot to create great effects. I also chose it so that i could experiment with colour gels which you use with the studio lights to create different moods and atmospheres. I can also use the different coloured light gels using light drawing to create a base for the pith drawing to be projected onto.

Also as part of the project we have been asked to research some photographers who use these techniques and use these images as inspiration for our work.

The gallery of images below is the images that i have taken from other photographers as inspiration for my work along with notes on technique and how i plan to recreate this image.


I also researched a photographer who uses both techniques that i will be using in my micro project.

Carli Davidson

This photographers name is Carli Davidson.

Her work is inspired by her love of animals and she see’s herself as her own audience, and the person that she is taking her images for is herself. The main purpose of her images is to capture the cuteness and the fun in animals and their variety of reaction to water. The images are taken with different breeds and ages of dogs and this then reaches out to other ages and other generations, as different ages love different ages and breeds of dogs. Her images are very cute and are hard not to be loved by loads of people. On her website Carli has a video which shows what happens behind the scene whilst she is shooting her image. The video gives you an insight into what happens whilst she is taking the pictures and also what technology and equipment she uses to take her action photos. From the video you can see that she uses a large Nikon DSLR camera to take her pictures. In her shake project she is mainly doing work in the studio and in the video you can see her in the studio doing using her camera and some large lights to put more light and emphasis of the dogs and also to make sure that the colour and the water droplets coming from the dogs are more vivid in the images, this then makes it more clear what she is photographing and where the action in her images are coming from. To capture the action she also says in the video that she uses very fast shutter speeds to be able capture the action in her images. The faster the shutter speed is the easier it is to capture the action a she is taking so many images or frames per second so she can get all of the action quickly and have all the different stages of the action to choose from to have the perfect action photograph. Here is an example of her work which i like and take inspiration from.


I like this image from Carli, because she uses a slow shutter speed which I enjoy using and this works well to create an effective image for her shake project. I like that she also works with studio lighting in a studio because most people would photograph dogs outside and would say that it is their natural habitat, but she makes her photos look a lot more professional and well planned by using studio lighting and working in a studio with animals rather than outside. I will use this photo as inspiration as she effectively uses shutter speed and studio lighting to create a successful image.

Michael Bosanko

Another photographer that uses the same techniques as what I have chosen is Michael Bosanko.

I really like his work as he is a really keen light painter and a lot of his work involves some form of light painting or drawing. They are really good drawings, some are very abstract and some are very fast pace and quick and they represent movement and speed. Most of his work is what  I have taken inspiration from in the past and also for this project his work uses a variety of shutter speed which is what I really want to do and use throughout this shoot to get a variety of different results to include in my final image contact sheets and also to talk about in my evaluation. He obviously uses a lot of specialised and professional equipment in his work and I will not be able to get hold of the same equipment as him because of such short time frames in between the plan and the shoot.However I will try my best to be able to try and copy his work as much as possible and try an find an alternative to his equipment in order to match the quality and the precision of the light painting in his work. He mainly uses landscapes as backgrounds for his work which is really good as he uses them as sort of a blank canvas for his light drawings and he is able to build up different things onto the landscape and create an image on a proper blank canvas like an artist who specialises in more traditional art would.

Here is an example of his work that I really like.


I really like this piece of work because of the background as the light sort of brightens it up slightly and makes it look a lot better and brighter. I like the drawings as they fit in perfectly with the scene and they are not something that is just dumped there for the sake of it. He has actually put thought and effort into what he wants to put there and what he wants to draw. It fits in and is traditional for that scene because they are windmills on a beach.

Sara Heinrich’s 

Sara describes herself as a “barefoot girl” who knows her camera like the back of her hand. She has been a photographer since 2004 and it is a really big part of her life. She claims that she is really into photography and that over the years she has come to know her camera like the back of her hand and that she is very used to using the different ranges of settings and lenses on her camera that nothing is ever very difficult for her to photography her work is very natural and down to earth and I really like some of her shutter speed work which I found on her website and also on a site which showed lots of different photographers work using shutter speed and hers stood out to me most because it is so normal and easy to recreate if you know how to properly use the camera to create it. Her work is something that I have taken inspiration for, during my project and I really like the work she has done using shutter speed as it captures fast movement which is what I like to focus on when using shutter speed. From what I have looked at she mainly uses slow shutter speed to create a blur during fast movement. This is what I also really like to do and I would really like to recreate some of her images because of this.

Here is an example of her work that I really like.


I really like this image because the shutter speed captures something that is really fast paced and quick and it seem that she captures everything that is so quick that it just a blur. Everything in the image happens so quick that hardly anything is clear and it is all just a blur to the photographer. Even the people are very blurry and this is also why I like the photo because she’s focused on the movement of people rather than just the rides and fairground around.


We have also been asked to carry out some research into the techniques that we want to use and how they will go along with our ideas and our plans for the shoot.The two techniques that I am using are shutter speed and also audio lighting with cloud gels. Here is some research about what they are and how I will use them in my work for my micro project.

Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed is one of the 3 main things in  photography, the other two being ISO and Aperture. Shutter speed is where the other side of the magic happens – it is responsible for creating dramatic effects by either freezing action or blurring motion. Shutter speed, also known as exposure time, stands for the length of time a camera shutter is open to expose light into the camera sensor. If the shutter speed is fast, it can help to freeze action completely, as seen in the above photo of the dolphin. If the shutter speed is slow, it can create an effect called motion blur, where moving objects appear blurred along the direction of the motion. This effect is used quite a bit in advertisements of cars and motorbikes, where a sense of speed and motion is communicated to the viewer by intentionally blurring the moving wheels.Slow shutter speeds are also used to photograph lightnings or other objects at night or in dim environments with a tripod. Landscape photographers intentionally use slow shutter speeds to create a sense of motion on rivers and waterfalls, while keeping everything else in focus. Fast shutter speed is typically whatever it takes to freeze action, it is typically above 1/500th of a second for general photography and above 1/1000th of a second for bird or moving animal photography. I will use shutter speed in my work to create a blur whilst using lighting. I will also use it to freeze any movement if I choose to do anything involving this, I probably won’t use any fast shutter speeds but if my ideas change at any point then they would be something that i would like to experiment with.

Studio Lighting and Colour Gels

Studio lighting intimidates a lot of photographers, but there’s really no mystery about it at all. It comes down to two aspects of lighting: exposure and shadows. Of course, other things come into play, like colour, background, composition, hair, and makeup if you are doing something like shooting a model. But these factors are present with pictures you take in any environment. In the studio, you’ll want to pay special attention to the exposure relationships between the various light sources, as defined by ratios, and then you will want to place the lights so that they make the subject look good. That’s where shadows become important. The studio lighting creates a lot more natural images with a less yellow tone in the image, which is what you get sometimes with a camera if you use natural lighting from the sky or from a flash on a phone. To make the light even better and to create different effects you can also use colour gels which are placed over the light to create a different coloured background. These are a really good thing to use in photography and when using studio lighting because they can change the mood and atmosphere of an image because when you add a person or object to the photo the mood is created and also the tone of colour changes and this can also affect the atmosphere. I will use colour gels and also studio lighting to create a mood for my images and also an atmosphere. I will use a coloured background as a base for my images and then work with shutter speed and other things on top of that to create my images.


When I was researching my techniques and looking at images of them being used together there wasn’t many images of this that people had actually done. As part of this project we have been asked to create something original and something that not many people have been done before and this gave me the inspiration that i needed to go along with my idea. My idea for my micro project is to use coloured gels on a black backdrop to create a different coloured background, this is how i will use studio lighting. I will use shutter speed, using light drawing, I will uses slow shutter speed with clouded lights to create different shapes and different colours to merge white the background. Therefore the two elements that i will use in my project are colour and also shape, as I will use different coloured lights and i will create different shapes using light drawing.


We have also been asked to plan our shoot and include anything that we will need to use and the steps we will take in order to make sure our project runs smoothly.

Here is a list of equipment I will use for my shoot

  • Studio lighting
  • DSLR Camera
  • Black backdrop
  • GlowSticks (to create the light drawings)
  • Coloured Gels (to go over the studio lights)
  • A person (to conduct the light drawings)
  • A Tripod

To create my images i will step up the camera on a tripod and connect it to the lights and the flash using a hot shoe adapter. Then I find a suitable model that can successfully help me create effective light drawings. i will then set up my lights and make sure I have the correct colour gels over the light to create the right mood of lighting and the right colour of light. I will then set up my lights that will create the light drawing and make sure that they are working by carrying out a few test shots on my camera just to check that all the shoots will be fault free when it comes to editing and publishing the images. I will then ask the model to draw a variety of different images using the glow sticks and I will make sure that i use a different coloured glowstick each time. I will then go onto edit the image and publish them to my blog along with an evaluation. Here is some examples of what I would like to create using glowsticks and colour gels.
























































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