Tone Research

We have been asked research and produce some images that include tone and taken as inspiration from different photographers.

The photographer I chose to research was Irving Penn.

His work involves a lot of natural lighting and also a lot of studio lighting especially in black and white because this is what was only available to him because he is quite an old photographer. Here is some examples of his work.

His work is a lot of black and white and the way he positions the light in every picture changes both the atmosphere and the tone.

The different positions of light in the image portrays a different message about each different tone of light and also what that paid toon of light means.

For example in the image of the girl there is light coming from above and also from below and there is nothing directly shinin on her face. This makes the image quite dark and secluded and also makes the features on the girls face seem quite fake and prosthetic. Where as if you look at the last image of the man the light is quite natural and isn’t set up as much, which means that the atom sphere is a little different and almost opposite to the image of the girl as it is a lot more natural and open compared to tight and secluded.


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