Say Something With Colour and Shoot Plan

The above gallery is a colour wheel which shows different basic colours and what emotions and things that they all represent. It also contains images of what colours represent.

Many different photographers use colour to represent emotion and personality through their images. Kevin Dooley famously uses rainbow colours to create personality and emotion throughout his images. He uses rainbow lights a lot of the time in his work and this creates a positive and happy in emotion in his images because of this. Many people see rainbows as a happy and positive thing and this is why his images are portrayed as happy and full of positive emotion. His lights in his images are also really bright which makes the emotion of people even more positive because of this, as people are attracted to bright lights and bright colours.

Here are some examples of his happy and colourful images.

Another photographer who also uses colour to represent emotion is Ryan McGuire. He uses a lot of pink tones in his images to create a relaxed vibe and he keeps his images pure and gentle and this is something that pink represents. Some people would also think that his images are mainly for women because they contain a lot of pink which connotes feminism but this is not the case as pink also connotes other things rather than feminism.

Here are some examples of his relaxing and gentle images.

For homework we have also been asked to conduct a shoot surrounding colour and representing emotion through colour.

For my shoot I plan to focus on happy emotions as this is something that I feel that some photographers don’t do, they mainly use dark and negative colours to make a negative emotion in an image.

As we are also focusing on portrait photography I will also include people in my pictures as they will add to the emotion and will also work with the colour to create a clearer emotion that many people will be able to identify straight away. I will use the camera skills that I have learnt so far to help make my images better such as shutter speed, aperture, focus, pinhole and also the use of different modes or setting on the camera which make the images better, depending on what you are taking.

Here are some examples of what type of photos I would like to create using colour and also portraiture, photography.


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