Aperture Homework Shoot

We have recently been learning about aperture and all the different types of photos that you can create by changing and using aperture.

Therefore for homework we have been asked to plan and conduct a shoot using aperture. I have already planned my shoot and I have now conducted the shoot and I can now evaluate the pictures.

I have attempted to create two different types of photos using aperture and they are quite easy to create.

One of the images is one which focuses on one thing and the background is unfocused. The second image is kind of an illusion type of image and many people create these images using landmarks and people. You have to use the right angle and have the right thing at the right distance away from what you want to photograph. Usually when creating this image with people and landmarks it creates the illusion that someone is holding the landmark and they are that far away that they could pick up the landmark and take it away you can easily make these photos with phone cameras as they have a high enough quality and aperture to create that illusion.

This is the gallery of images I created.

These images are a mixture of different apertures and they each put different focuses and perspectives on the image. The different apertures that I used were

  • F11
  • F6.3
  • F14
  • F5.6
  • F8
  • F7.1

I used the AV mode on my camera and this controlled the shutter speed and enabled.me to control the aperture fully. Even though the shutter speed was being controlled it was hard to tell what the shutter speed actually was so many of the images had camera shake which made the results worse.

Here is a gallery of my best images from the shoot.

The first image was an example of an image where the subject is focused and the background is unfocused. This causes the viewer to focus on the subject rather than the background. It was taken using an aperture of F6.3 and I think it was a very succsesful image as it had the right amount of depth of field and also had no camera shake. It is one of my most succsesful images using aperture and shows that my aperture skills are improving.

The second image is very similar to the first as it is the same type of aperture image but has s different subject. I also used a different aperture on this to create a different focus and effect on the image, the focus that I used was F14 and this created a similar effect to the first image. I think this was one of my succsesful images as it created a good effect as had the right amount of focus and also had no camera shake as it was rested on a flat surface when the picture was taken.

The third image that I thought was one of my most successful images in the shoot was the type of image using aperture that creates an illusion. The illusion that I tried to create was that the leaf was resting on the apple like a normal Apple would look. It took many attempts to create this image as I has to make sure that the apple and the leaf were both in the right position to create the right illusion. It eventually worked after many times changing the aperture to get the right effect that I wanted. The final aperture that I used was F8 and this created the illusion that I wanted. When I first started experimenting with aperture, it was difficult to create this illusion and I didn’t really know which aperture I should have used. Now I am able to create this illusion and choose the right aperture it shows that I am now learning successfully how to use aperture and my skills are improving.


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