Say Something With Depth

depth contact sheet

We have recently been focusing on depth in photography and also how to use and change the apertures in our cameras in order to take different types of photos. The aperture changes the amount of light that enters the shutter and the aperture all depends on your ISO and also shutter speed to determine how much light the camera is exposed to and for how long. We also learnt about depth of field which means how much of the image is in or out of focus and the aperture also contributes towards this.

We were given a task to conduct a portrait shoot using depth and also using your camera with different apertures. We were shown how  to change our aperture and also which mode of our camera we had to set it too in order to be able to control our aperture. The mode we had to set our camera to was Av and this enables us to use the shutter speed dial to change our aperture. The lower that our apertures went to meant that our images would look better and we was able to play around more with focus.

We were given three different types of photos to try, using aperture and focus and we had to copy these pictures ourselves and then compare them to what we had seen.

As we were focusing on portrait we could only take pictures of ourselves or other people.

One of the first type of images that we were asked to try was to have a face in complete focus and the background unfocused so that you just focus on the face rather than the background. This type of image required us to put full zoom on the face and make sure that we had a low aperture number and also that the focus was completely on the face and not the background. on the contact sheet above there is an example of that type of image which I think went really well. it took some adjusting at first and I had to play around a bit with the aperture, but I managed in the end to produce a successful image that related to that type of photo.

Another type of photo that we were asked to look at included line. we had to get the right aperture on our camera in order to create an image that had two different lines and it gave the impression that the lines joined together at the end and didn’t continue. I managed to get a few of these images but because I hadn’t worked with aperture much before I feel that these didn’t come out as well as I thought. there are a few examples of these on the contact sheet above.

The third and final image that I didn’t get around to shooting was an illusion type image. these images can easily be made using a camera phone as they have very wide lenses. The image consists of for example, if your really far away from something and you get the right aperture and focus on the image then you can make it look like that the thing that your far away from is really small and where your standing it looks like you can hole it or do something to it. Even though I wasn’t able to make one of these images, I still would like to try it as the images look really good and will also expand my knowledge in aperture and will make me more confident using it.

Here is a gallery of my most successful images.

IMG_4713 IMG_0791 IMG_4711 IMG_0792

These image are ones that I really like because I managed to get the right depth of field and the right aperture in order to focus on one thing and have a out of focus depth of field in the background. These images show my basic skills with aperture, but as I use it even more I hope to create more successful images and use different variety’s, like ones we were shown in the brief.

To be able to be more confident with aperture, I have to use it more and experiment with it as I know it is something that is key when doing photography and also when In go out to work in later life, I will want to known how to use it in order to make successful images for people, that they will enjoy.


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