Depth shoot plan

We have recently been work with aperture and depth of field and we. Have been asked to create a series of images using aperture and depth of field in order to express emotion and show how a character is feeling and to show their power or strength.

We have already worked with depth of field and shutter speed in lessons and we have now been given freedom to go wherever we want and photograph portraits using aperture to express emotions.

Here are a few images that I have found that I would like to take inspiration from in order to achieve succsesful images and express emotions in the right way

These images use depth of field and focus to show emotion. The Eiffel Tower picture shows power and that the person in the image is really strong because they can take the Eiffel Tower.

The second image is of a dog who clearly looks sad and the rest of the image is out of focus to focus on the dog and his emotions and to show the reader that you shouldn’t pay attention to anything else in the image and you should just pay attention to the dog.

I will recreate the first image using something large like a landmark, tree or a post to show power and strength. I will recreate the second image by creating an emotion on a person and making sure that the background is out of focus so that we just focus on the persons emotion and not anything in the background.

The outcomes will be posted on another post.


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