Movement Shoot Plan

This week we have been learning about action photography and we have been learning how to adjust our shutter speed in order to create a perfect image. Also when and why we need to use a tripod when adjusting our shutter speed to avoid camera shake.

We learnt that when we want to capture movement as a normal image we need a fast shutter speed in order to capture the action as it happens. We then learnt that if we wanted to create lines or a blur then we needed to use a slow shutter speed and a tripod in order to create this, using a blur enables you to create an image to show how fast or how slow movement is.

We have been asked for homework to create a series of images that are inspired by other action photographers and also by stuff we have learnt recently.

As there are a lot of different action photographers that have such amazing work, I have decided that I would like to create a series of images inspired by a variety of different action photographers, so that I can take a lot of different types of action photos.

The first photographer that I have taken inspiration from is an action photographer that mainly photographs light patterns and his light drawings show speed. The photographers name is Mario Mereno. He creates images using slow shutter speed and moving cars. Here is an example of his image.

To recreate an image I will use a small light or torch and move it around in fast movements using a slow shutter speed to create a blur.

Another photographer I will take inspiration from for my images is Ario Wisbisono as there is one of his images where he used water splashing to create a frozen moment image which is really stunning. Here is the image that I really like

To recreate this image I will use a glass of water, a fast shutter speed and also the flash to pick up on the water splashing especially if it is quite dark.

I look forward to conducting the shoot and my next post will be of the final images that I took.


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