Shutter Speed Experiment

For today’s work we were experimenting with the different settings in our cameras to successfully photograph moving images. We mainly adjusted our shutter speed throughout the shoot but we also changed the other settings on our cameras which mainly stayed the same throughout the whole shoot.

Firstly we went through the technical side of things to make sure that our images came out clearly. We had to change our cameras to a certain mode called Tv, this means that we could change our shutter speeds by ourselves and our cameras can change the rest of the settings like aperture and exposure for us.

We then changed our ISO and I found it a lot easier to put it on auto so that it can control it by itself.

We then went onto the main thing which was shutter speed and depending on what we wanted to do, depended on the shutter speed.

For example if we wanted to freeze the movement in the images we have to have a fast shutter speed as it captures the movement straight away. The shutter speed we should use is anything from 1/125 of a second or above. The faster the subject is moving, the quicker the shutter has to be in order to freeze it.

However if we wanted to create a blur in the image and show the movement in the image we have to use a shutter speed of anything from 1/30 and below. The movement in he image can create a blur and can be used to express ideas. Because of the slow shutter speeds, some movements can prove fatal for the image and make it blurry. This is something called camera shake, to avoid this you can rest your camera on something or put it on a tripod to keep it still throughout the shutter time. The slower the subject is moving the slower the shutter speed must be to capture blur.

The contact sheets below show the images that I took using my camera in order to experiment with shutter speed. To capture blur I mainly used my camera on a tripod for my pictures and keep my shutter speeds between 1/10 of a second and 2 seconds. Not all of the pictures are perfect but this was just an experiment where we could change shutter speed freely.

We shot in a playground and we used all of the different moving objects to create blur, we also tested with items of clothing and movement with our body’s.

Overall, I think the shoot was successful and I really enjoyed making the images that I took. Movement photography is something that I really want to focus on more and I now feel a lot more confident with shutter speed and movement photography overall.

Here are some of my favourite images and my best images from the shoot.

shutter speed experiment 1 shutter speed experiment 2


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