Say Something With Line Shoot Plan and Final Shots

For this weeks homework we were asked to plan and conduct a photo shoot inspired by the work of landscape and line photographers.

This weeks work was related to landscape and line so the two go together to create a variety of different lines and landscape images. Using the work we had already done we have to use this and also the work by someone else to create landscape and line images of our own.

For this part of work I have chosen to focus on the work of Charlie Waite. His work is very calming and simple and is also very tranquil and breath taking. I really like his work as he creates stunning images that also have a variety of lines and shapes in them and this relates to work we have already done. Many of his images are of breathtaking landscapes in fields and forests which are full of different plants and flowers, which are essentially the things that create the line throughout the image.

His workers very down to earth and he enjoys photographing landscapes thought out the Uk as this is where he is from. Even though he is a well known landscape photographer in the Uk and worldwide, he still likes to keep his work down to this roots and from his home town. His work is also very easy to recreate as because there are a lot of forests and large fields in the UK and also very close to where I live, it is very easy to take inspiration and recreate his work.

As he takes his work back to his roots and he enjoys to photograph the things close him and around him, I have decided to do the same. During my shoot I am going to stay close to home and capture things around me rather than go out of my way to create different images and I will mainly stay in the garden and the fields and forests around me. I think that my images will be successful and  I will still be able to get line in the images. To make sure that I have a variety of different images, I will take my images at different times of the day to get different lighting and skylines. This will change the mood of the images and create a different meaning behind them.

As this week we have been looking at line it is important to identify how Charlie uses line to create a sense of calm and tranquility. The constant running lines throughout his images keep the calm in and help to express it more and more. This is because all the lines are straight and perfect and it is something amazing to look at. There is nothing that can both anyone and the lines are not interrupted and the way hr takes his pictures makes it seem as if the lines go on and on and on without stopping. Mainly in his images because they are landscape it he uses only vertical and horizontal lines throughout to create a sense of cal and purity.

Here are some examples of Charlie Waite’s work that I really love and will use for inspiration,

Here are my final images that I have taken for my landscape project.

I really enjoyed this shoot as landscape photography is one of my favourite types of photography. i decided to take pictures throughout different times of the day to change the perspective and the view of the landscape and see how different the time of day made the image. I think that the ones taken in the evening look a lot better as the images capture different tones of light from the sky. The light makes the the image a lot more calming and tranquil and I think the different tones of light help to support this.

I tried to use line throughout my work as this is a main thing that we were focusing on. Line is quite easy to keep running though in landscape photography because you can take pictures of horizons which feature horizontal lines. You can also change the camera angle and the tilt of the frame to get vertical and diagonal lines into the images.

The images that I took using the table in the evening are my favourite images out of the whole shoot. This is because the light and the sky is captured on the reflection of the table by the camera. The reflection makes the landscape more pure and I think that the reflection helps to show what I was actually trying to capture without focusing on everything around it. The lines used in this image is a horizontal line as the image is of the horizon of the fences.

Here are some of my best images that I really like out of all my shoot.


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