Say Something With Line 

For today’s task we were asked to focus on say something using line. We had already done this with shape so we were already very familiar with what we had to do. 

First thing we did was look at some landscape images using lines and we had a variety of words that were related to the images and these included descriptive words and also key words to do with landscape imagery.

Some of the images below are of the match up tasks that we had to complete using the different words and landscape images that we were given. This was to give us inspiration for a shoot that we then had to do after,relating to line. We were choose to pick 4-5 words from the task or words of our own to guide us in the shoot or to inspire us for different images. These were the words that I chose

  • Horizontal 
  • Vertical
  • Trapped 
  • Stability

These words inspired me for the shoot and they helped me take a variety of different images. We then went out onto the college campus and also the town centre next to the college. We were given one hour to take our images and the contact sheets below show the images that I took for the shoot.

We then downloaded our images and chose the best ones from our shoot and the three single images below are the ones I felt were the best out of all of them. 

The first image is of a small fence and the lines travel horizontally and vertically and this represents stability of the fence. If the lines weren’t like this then the fence would fall. This could also represent trust and the fence panels all trust each other to keep the stability strong.

The second picture of the orange wall best represents horizon and repeatitive ness . The is because there is a constant repetition of the horizontal lines and this is best shown throughout the whole image. I like this image as it shows a variety of lines in unison.

The third and final best image is one of a grey wall which is very similar to the second image as it shows all of the lines in continuos form and a repetitive form.

I enjoyed this shoot as it explores lots of different categories and key words and also meanings that have a variety of different opinions by all.


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