Annie Griffiths Research

What is distinctive about the way this artist photographs the landscape?

In Annie’s landscape work she tends not to use close up and medium shots when photographing, she mainly uses long shots, high angle shots and also birds eye view shots. She also has a lot of shots, which are quite wide and capture the whole of the landscape rather than just one certain part. All of her images have some form of natural light source whether it’s the sun or the sky and it appears that no light is edited in, which makes her images very realistic and natural.

Her type of photography is classed as travel, as when she travels to certain places she takes a landscape photo. The represents escapism and when you see her images it is known that it can take you away from the everyday stresses of life and her images are also very calming to look at. This makes her different and unique as a landscape photographer because this is her own style and in some cases no other photographer has done this style of photography before.

Is there a theme, message or question that they seem to explore over and over in their work?

There is a theme that she sticks to in her work and that is travel and escapism and this is continued throughout her work to stick to a natural and calming vibe throughout. When she visits a different location she captures a variety of landscapes that she sees and keeps them as memories of her travels. She builds bridges between people that are travelling with her and people tat are back home and she does that through her variety of different images.


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