Still Life Photographers Research and Photo Shoot Plan

Currently we are looking at shape in the form of still life and to inspire us for our shoots we were asked to research and analyse the work of a still life photographer that uses shape.

The photographer I have chosen to research is Bela Borsodi

Bela Borsodi is a still life photographer who is mainly known for using her photography skills to advertise products. He likes personality and life and whenever he advertises a product his main aim is to give it a personality and bring it to life. He feels that advertising products this way will make it more appealing and will be a good thing that is eye catching for the audience that see the images.

My favourite image of his is from an article, which he did for V magazine, which is called the diesel denim gallery.


I really like this image is he has taken the denim products which he has been asked to advertise and put them in real life situations almost. Most companies, which advertise clothes, would use a model and piece their items of clothing, which are from another designer or another brand. But Bela has taken a variety of different products from one range and pieced them together to make an outfit. Also instead of using a model he has used the mannequin heads from mannequins that you would usually find in shops that sell clothes. In the media now a days it is a very strong market in terms of figure and fashion, a model is now seen as the perfect figure and the perfect ideal thing that a man or woman should be. Because his audience is mainly young people and most of his work is for magazines for young people he has adjusted his image to reassure teens that this is not the case in the modern world. He has used mannequins instead of a real life model, which suggests to the audience that it will look good on anyone and you don’t have to have the dreams and ambitions of looking like a certain human model in any advertised outfit. He has also only used the heads on mannequins and not their bodies so he has also taken another aspect away of the ideal figure for someone to be able to wear these clothes. He as made the background the same colour as the heads, which draws your attention away from the faces and more towards the clothes, which are completely different colours to the background. Doing this suggests to the audience that you should not look at the face of a model and you should just look at the clothes. Their body is something that shouldn’t be a main focus if you were searching for images to do with clothes your main focus point should be that and that only. He very much portrays this in this image and takes away any worries for young people in the modern day and age that it is the desire for everyone to look like a model.

Other than that image his visual style for a lot of images is very abstract and quirkily looking at the images first you wouldn’t think they were for magazines you would have thought they were for abstract art galleries or art shows. His ability to give objects and products a personality and a face or name is very good and this is what makes his images so successful and appealing for his audience.

unnamed-1 unnamed unnamed-2

His audience is very much the same and his style of photography really portrays this. What type of magazines he takes images for are very modern magazines and are mainly based at teenagers and young adults. The fun in his images and their variety of personalities bring the images to life and this is the main thing, which attracts them and this is why they are aimed at that specific audience. The style of a photographer and the subjects and objects of which they photography provide a definition to a photographers audience and purpose for image. In these images his style and type of photography is very clear and this makes it very easy to identify his audience and purpose.

Also in his work he uses shape to help portray his ideas and messages. he may use a variety of different objects that are different shapes to make something. Here are some examples of his work using shape.

unnamed-3 unnamed-1 unnamed

He uses shape in a variety of ways whether its using the sam shape to create an object or mixing a variety of shape to form a successful image. In the first image he uses a variety of different shaped circles to create the image of an avocado. There is a clear distinction between each shape and they still work well together to form one image. A lot of photographers work this way to create an image but the way that he does it is one of the ways that makes him an abstract, modern, still life photographer. There are also a variety of different colours which make it eye catching for the viewer and also on of the shapes is not its normal colour and this will attract the audience attention more because they will want to know why he has done this and what his ideas is behind it.

In the second image he has used a variety of different shapes but mainly the outline of shapes to create something which is the main image. At first glance the image appears to be some form of maze that has been created using a variety of squares, rectangles and circles. This mix up of shapes creates a sense of confusion which is initially what a maze is about. You are always confused about which way to turn and which way to go. But this image leaves you confused about why there are a variety of different shapes all but together in one image.

In the third image he has used two different shapes and made them into different shapes. He has taken a number of rectangular notes and make them into different shapes. The way he has done this makes the man in the image look like origami and the different shapes also add to the effect of origami. he has made the notes into shapes such as diamonds, squares, circles and also rectangles. They are all a different variety, size and length which makes the image more detailed because there are a lot of different things to look at and identify in the image.

All these ideas from the image definitely support the fact that his work is seen as abstract and the shape also supports that the image is a still life image as although there are a variety of different shapes there is no movement and this is what  makes the image still life.

I would very much like to make my own images based on his work and use his ideas and inspiration to inspire me for my work. Here are some of my favourite image by him that I would like to use as inspiration for my next shoot.

images unnamed images-1

What I like about these images is that they all have a variety of personalities which is something he his very well known for in his still life photography. I like that a variety of different objects have been used to create these images. The different shapes make the image more complex and this is what I aim to do when creating my image. When creating my image i would like to use a different amount of objects to create a face, object or scene. He creates a lot of images of faces using different objects and this is one of the main things that I would like to do in my next shoot. I’m going to pick a certain colour and make a collage of different shaped objects that are the same colour to make a face. I’m then going to create a variety of different expressions on that face in all different colours. Then using photoshop I’m going to put all four together to make a collage of faces. I will use the colours shapes and use them as inspiration for the type of face that I’m going to shoot. Here are some ideas that I have for different expressions and their colours.

  • Red Objects- Angry Face- The reason I will use red as it connotes anger, many people use the phrase, face red with anger and this is why I chose to use this colour.
  • Blue Objects- Sad face- The reason I have chose to use this colour is because blue is a very cold colour and many people associate blue with someone being down or sad/upset. One some things you usually see blue tears as well so this is why I chose to use this colour for this certain expression.
  • Yellow Objects- Happy face- The reason I have chosen to use this colour as it is known as a happy colour which s bright and uplifting for people to look at. This colour is also the colour of the sun which is something that also makes people happy.
  • Green Objects- Jealous Face- The reason i have chosen to use this colour is because one of it connotations is jealousy, also many people use the phrase that her face was green with envy or jealousy. This is why I have chosen to use this colour for this face.

To go along with my ideas here are some pictures from the internet that represent what I want to shoot and also support my ideas for my shoot.

aTqoayk8c Unknown-1 Unknown Unknown

These images are inspiration for my shoot and I will base these colours on the expressions that i will create out of different objects.


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