Shape Photography Shoot



For this shoot we were asked to create a set of images that represent shape. These images have to include shapes and they have to be inspired by a famous quote or a song lyric. The task had to be completed in groups or pairs and I chose to do it in pairs.

Me and Megan chose to study circles and we started to research a range of different song lyrics and famous quotes that relate to circles. Instead of looking for something simply to do with circles, we had to look at the meaning behind circles and the variety of connotations. We found that circles represent, equality, eternity and love. Looking at these connotations we found that a quote by Martin Luther King Jr best suited our circle representations.

The quote we chose was ‘I have a dream’, this quote in the speech helped portray his dream that he wanted equality for everyone in the world an also that can everyone love each other equally. The circles therefore support this.

We then decided to recreate the scene of the speech using a variety of different circles. All different height, width, length and colours. This will then show the clear definition of equality which is what he wanted.

We collected an array of different circles and we decided to make a crowd out of smaller circles and a Martin Luther King Jr out of larger circles.

Once arranged we used a light plate to aid out lighting and give the circles a glow. We shot using a Dslr camera with our ISO set to 200 and our shutter speed set to 1 second. We took a few pictures using the light plate, but then we decided to use a box light instead to create a warmer light instead of a strong white light. So we changed the light and used a tripod to change the angles and height easier. We liked these images a lot more as they had a softer light and the background looked a lot better.

We then downloaded the images and made contact sheets which are attached.

If I had to do the shoot again I would use a wider variety of backgrounds and lights to see what different perspectives and angles.

Here is a gallery of my best images from the shoot.


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