Summer Photography Project (The Seven Formal Elements)

For Our summer photography project we were asked to create seven images each based on one of the seven formal elements. Then alongside these images we were asked to write 150 words about what image we thought was most successful and why.

The seven formal elements that we had to work with where Line, Shape, Depth, Texture, Tone, Colour, Form.

Here are the images that I created for my project.

Here is the 150 words on my most successful image.

The image that I think is the most successful is Tone. This is because of the simplicity of the image and the range of colours that are all a different tone. The different tones of red work in contrast with the variety of blue tones to make a stunning landscape which is something that deserves to be captured. Even at any angle all the variety can be captured. The picture is also successful as it shows the different stages of sunset through the gradual tones of red to blue becoming darker and darker the closer they hit the horizon. As the sun goes below the horizon the tones become darker and darker and they transform from dark and pale blues to a deep, dark and warm red/orange colour which shows the sun has almost disappeared. The colours also show some reflection onto the sea and the clouds above which create new tones of a certain colour to show the sheer intense of the sunset along the sea view.

I really enjoyed completing the project and I thought that all of the images where very successful.


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