Say Something Project

In this project we were asked to produce an image that was related to a simple geometrical shape. For instance we could use a circle, triangle, square, rectangle or any other simple 2-dimensional shape. This project needed to be completed in groups or pairs and me and my friend Megan worked together on this project. We started by brainstorming a few ideas, we wrote  down a list of shapes and played almost a kind of word association to see what kind of objects or ideas related to each shape. We mainly came up with objects but after some hard thinking we came up with some deep and meaningful ideas relating to shapes. After talking about these ideas with the rest of the class we were then asked to research some quotes on the internet that we could use in our shoots to help us relate to shapes. As a pair we looked through many quotes and song lyrics on the Internet and we wrote a few down that we really liked and next to them we wrote down what shape the quote is related to. We then disscussed a few ideas that we could do for each image. The quote that we thought would be the most successful is ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King Jr which is from his American inspirational speech. We decided on this quote as during shape research we dicovered that circle is associated with things like equality, love, peace, eternal and also circle of life. Martin Luther King Jr  had a dream that the world would be equal with black and whites and that everyone in the world would have equal rights and love each other the same. This is why we choose the circle as it relates to equality and love which was what Martin Luther King Jr wanted. The idea that we had for our shoot was that we would collect a variety of different objects that are circular, which if will all obviously be different colours, textures and also they maybe a little bit different in shape in terms of being smaller or larger. Once we have all these objects we will place them in a way which will make them look like a crowd of people, then we will take one larger circle and place it I. Front of them and this will represent Martin Luther King Jr talking to his crowd of people discussing his dream and ambitions for the future. We will shoot this image from above and this will capture all the circle together and show that everyone is loving together. We will then edit this image to get the exposure and the lighting right so that it looks the way that we intend it too.



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