Cambridge Trip

This was a trip to Cambridge with the college and we was given full independence to take photos in both the town centre and the botanical gardens. Most of these images are from the botanical gardens and this is because our brief for this project was the seven formal elements. We were asked to create these images and have one that will represent each image successfully. I really enjoyed taking these images and they were really fun to take and I can imagine that they will be really fun to edit. Before taking each image I thought carefully about which formal element that this could represent. If I felt that it wouldn’t support the element fully the I thought about what type of editing I could do to the image I order for it to be more successful. All of these images were taken on a Canon DSLR camera. Using a 18-55mm lens. We were asked to use our cameras on manual focus as it would make the photos shoot and appear better than using auto focus. I feel that this was a good decision as majority of my manual focus images were really stunning even though it took some time to get used to using it as it wasn’t something that I had used thoroughly before. The images that I have included are most of the images from the shoot that I feel best represent the seven formal elements. The seven formal elements are Shape, Colour, Form, Tone, Depth, Line and Texture. Another thing that I thought about during the shoot was lighting as it is a very key thing when akin a photograph and it can either make or break the picture. Having really good lighting ids very important as it can put across the right message about a photo that you want it to portray, especially if you are focusing on a certain element like tone or colour as the lighting can put a high amount of emphasis n the tone of colour or just one solid colour in the image. I also thought a lot about angle of the image and positioning as taking the same image and changing this each time can change the perspective on it and can make it portray a different message or represent a different element.


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